When I stood there and waiting for him I was really shivering. I couldn´t find my voice. But when we sat down I realized that Jack was a very nice guy, humble and he laughed a lot.

Hi and welcome to Denmark!
Thank you, thank you very much.
I heard you were in Stockholm yesterday, did they treat you well, it´s my country!
Ah, your Swedish! Yes beautiful! I love Stockholm. Amazing! It was a great concert!
Who is Jack Savoretti?
I´m me! Haha! A singer/songwriter from London. Music is pretty much of my life othervise I like fotball, Genova, an Italian team.
For how long have you been writing and performing music?
Since I was 16. This is my fourth album.
What kind of music did you listen to when you grew up?
I listen to a lot of Simon & Garfunkel, A lot of Italien music, Crosby Stills and Nash, Joni Mitchell. A lots of different touch. A lots of difference music.
Are there any particular artists that have inspired your own music?
At last! I think Paul Simon was a big part why I started to write. Yeah, its a lots of musicians A lot of of music from 60:s in California to started me to write..
Is this your first visit to the Nordics?
No, acutally my second time. Six years ago I was line-up to an artist Gavin DeGraw.
Do you notice any difference between the audiences in the Nordics and England?
Ah! I don´t know, I don´t know yet it´s only the first time. It´s a great audience´it´s an audience they likes to sing. I don´t know about tonight but yesterday was great. Yeah, good energy, very good energy. So far so good.
What is the most important thing you bring when touring?
The team! The people. It´s hard to find the right team and it took me a lot of years to built up and found. But now we are a great team everybody is tripping amazing and we are very good friend. Good work. So it´s good! The music industry is not very nice but if you do it your own way it´s a great industry.
What is the best thing being into music?
I guess a lot that you can bring feelings into an area just about playing music. You can create an atmosphere. It´s a great job, It´s the best job in the world.
What’s the main difference between recording and playing live?
The people! When your recording theres no people there and when you touring there´s a lot of peole there. It´s two complete different sports. I love both, I love being in the studio and I love being on the road!
Do you write the lyrics before you write the music or the other way around?
I use to but know I write them all together. It´s all happens together now.
Do you base your lyrics on your own experiences?
Yes! Not always direcly but defently about the things that I see.
Can you tell us about the absolute worst concert you’ve ever done?
Not the worst but the hardest was in Amsterdam outside the bar and nobody cared and that was tough but i survive.
And something about your very best concert ever?
Stockholm, yesterday was really good.
What makes you happy?
If you where about to organize a music festival, where would you locate it?
In Italy! I think Italy needs more music festivals.
And if you had to pick 10 artists for it? Dead or alive doesn’t matter.
Paul Simon, Elvis, Joni Mitchell, Jonny Cash, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Bob Marley, The Doors and The grateful dead I woldnt´know how many that was but this ones
Would you ever consider participating in a riot if the cause was justified?
I don´t know! I have´nt had to something in my life to deserve a riot
Any new plans?
Make a new record. This show tonight and a new record.
Thank you so much!
Thank you, Hope you enjoy the show, see you then.

I´ll also tell you that Jack is born 1983 and he is an Italian English singer/songwriter who has released four studio albums to date: Between the minds 2007, Harder than easy 2009, Before the storm 2012 and Written in scars 2015
The album Written in Scars has been praised in which, among others, the Independent and Q Magazine gave the album 4/5. The album, which is largely an inspiring work about overcoming adversity, is also one of the most sold in England so far this year. BBC Radio 2 drew Written in Scars Their Album of the Week on 1 February 2015 and Tesco Also made it Their Album of the Week on 10 April 2015. In Sweden the single Tie Me Down from the latest album has been on rotation on P4 fourteen weeks now.

Jack has also done some soundtrack to the films The sisterhood of the travelling Pants 2, Post Grad and Universitari.
He has also been in Tv shows as One Tree Hill, The Cleaner, EastEnders, Grey´s Anatomy, Greek, The Vampire Siaries and Sons of Anarchy.

On his wbside he write: Four years ago, he quit making music. He’d had enough – of scratching a living as an independent artist, of business bust-ups, of being touted as a soon-to-be star. He’d spent two years (and all of his savings) in legal dispute with a former manager and seen the release of his second album so botched it barely came out. He was 26 and recently married, with a baby on the way. ”I thought that was my run, I’d had fun and now it was time to get a proper job,” says Savoretti. ”I was done with music and, honestly, I didn’t mind.”
What happened next couldn’t have surprised the singer more. ”As soon as I said, ’screw this’, I couldn’t stop writing,” he recalls. ”I wrote out of anger, although the songs were more of a cry for help. It was the best, most personal music I’d ever made. I realised I had really learnt how to write, how to express exactly what was in my head.”


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Interview with Korpiklaani, February 2011

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