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In two weeks, Priest will play their first official live show since November 29, 2019 in Gävle.
We had a chat with Puppet Master to find out a little more:

How are you feeling about playing live shows again after the canceled/postponed tours?
It feels of course really good to come out and play again. However, we will not have as many excuses to hang out in the studio anymore. But we still have plenty of material for coming albums.

Coming albums you say… How far have you come?
The next album will be called Body Machine (Blue Nine och Cleopatra, February 2022), but we have material for Body Machine II and Body Machine III.
It will be a trilogy.

What can we expect? What were the biggest inspirations for that album?
Body Machine is a retro record. A concoction of the music we listened to growing up that we tried to pack in a Priest package. It is entertainment in the form of sound waves.

Speaking of canceled gigs, you found a smart way with the digital live show from Linköping, but how did it feel not to be able to perform the new songs from Cyberhead live? Not being able to get a reaction from a real audience?
Yes, it was weird, but you have to remember the leisure center experiences, when you at some point a long time ago might have played for three people in a suburb of Linköping and use those experiences. It doesn’t matter if there are 100,000 or two people in the audience, they should get an equally good gig regardless.
The same goes for a digital audience.

Are you excited? Overwhelmed? Prepared? All of the above?
We practice. Being on stage requires preparation. If you are not prepared enough, you will get nervous. If you know your stuff, you can do a good show.

And lastly, what do you wanna say to the waiting fans?
Spread the word! We look forward to meeting you live and playing new material for you.
Keep on rocking in the free world!

You can see Priest live here:
23 October – Nuclear Nation – Linköping. Buy tickets here.
26 November – Hus 7 – Stockholm. Tukt (support). Buy tickets here.
27 November – Beta – Köpenhamn. Abu Nein (support). Buy tickets here.
28 November – Musikens Hus – Göteborg. Tukt (support). Buy tickets here.

Tu puedes leer la entrevista en español aqui.
Ni kan läsa intervjun på svenska här.

Priest, Octubre 2021
Jack Savoretti, september, 2015

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