I applied for accreditation even before I started to take up music again, after a few years break due to sickness. I applied as soon as I noticed the coming tour, and now I am back here again.
For a couple of years Jack has for me been a great performer with a voice that cuts straight deep into your heart. His voice is heartbreaking, rasping, a bit soul-like, well, just wonderful. You soon notice that Jack is dependent on a firm rhythm and lyrics that says something. The songs that I loved the most was initially For the last time (which I actually have done a sloppy cover of), Not wothy, Crazy Fool and Breaking the rules. Now Solitude, Written in scars, Tie me down, yes, actually, all the songs on the latest album are absolutely amazing.

It’s much about struggle, pain, loss, low self-confidence and hunger for something better. The latest album called Written in scars have a common thread except for one song that stands out in a different direction, called The Other Side of Love which is about a couple were the man did not dare to come out with being gay . Included is also a very beautiful cover of Bob Dylan’s Nobody’cept you. This is not one of Dylan’s most well-known songs, but it is quite lovely, and today it means a lot to me, and I’m sure it does for Jack too. Actually his songs helped me a lot during my 2.5 years of being ill. But now I’m supposed to review a concert, not a record, :).

Gizmo, Concerthuset, Copenhagen, 2015-09-26, Foto: Annika Torstensson

Foto: Annika Torstensson|musicstage.se

There was a support act, a guy named Gizmo Varillas who played a few songs solo before Jack started off. Gizmo seems to be an up and coming artist and he will certainly go far. Very good songs and style!!!

When Jack with bands came on, they started off with a superb Written in scars, continued with Back To Me and a really good version of Fight till the end. There was quite a crowd attending, even if Jack is not that big in the Nordic countries yet, but I hope that this tour will help changing that.
We also got to Breaking the rules, a wonderful Broken glass, followed by Sweet Hurt which is also an amazing tune. It continued with Vagabond, and then a few songs with only Jack on stage, The Home and the lovely Dylan song Nobody’cept you. Then joined by keyboardist Nikolai, they continued with Soldiers eyes and Crazy fool.

I don’t quite remember if also The Other Side of Love was performed by Jack and Nicholai alone, or if the entire band was back already for that song. Anyway, with the entire band back on stage they performed the painful Tie Me Down and the even more painful Not worthy followed by Knock, knock, probably the only song that does not appeal that much to me as the others. Then they went off stage, but the crowd was enthusiastic and demanded more, so the band was back on and played Back where I belong and finally Come shine a light where also the support act Gizmo joined in.

The concert was absolutely brilliant and I am very glad that when Jack decided to quit a couple of years ago, he out of pure frustration wrote those great songs and then decided to continue. The band was tight and you could tell that they enjoyed the gig and were indeed very passionate about the whole thing. I really hope Jack will soon return to the north, and that more people will find their way to his amazing music, lyrics, and all that he conveys!

Unfortunately, I was a little frustrated for the whole concert, since it was completely impossible to get any decent photos. There was no photo pit and the only place where it was possible to stand without being pushed or beaten to be pressed forward was at the side of the stage where I had a speaker cables and the hand of a bass player in front of the lens. So, no, unfortunately, no great pictures from this fantastic event. Sad, but that’s the camera woman’s lot from time to time. If I say that this was even better than the my favourite Ulf Lundell, you sure understand how much I enjoyed it! Okay, they don´t play For the last time or Solitude, but I survive that, even if I missed them a lot. When he sings it feels so genuine, honest, and his stage language shows the same thing. Great consert Jack with band!!!

Welcome back soon Jack!!!

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David Urwitz med band, Kalmar teater, Kalmar, 2015-10-10
En kväll för världens barn, Kalmarsalen, Kalmar, 2015-09-19

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